GA4 Migration: The What, Why, When & How of Moving to Google Analytics 4

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google analytics data
With the retirement of Google’s Universal Analytics looming and the age of its successor, Google Analytics 4 (AKA GA4), now in full swing, there’s no time like the present to begin preparing your business for the new age of data analytics.With the July 2023 deadline on the horizon, ... Read More

Business Intelligence Questions Answered by Google Analytics

Published by Tori Atkinson on
Business Intelligence Questions Answered by Google Analytics
Business intelligence holds the key to your brand’s performance.Through business intelligence activities, you can leverage the available data to gain visibility on where you are right now, what is and isn’t working commercially speaking, and how to chart a course for future success.... Read More

Integrating Your Ecommerce Marketing Through the Art of Data Sharing

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Ecommerce marketing holds boundless potential for brands looking to attract, engage and convert users in the name of online revenue. SEO. Content marketing. Email marketing. Pay-per-click advertising. These are just a handful of the many digital marketing avenues available to ecommerce bus... Read More

5 Trends Set To Take Over Ecommerce In 2022

Published by Daniel Aspinall on
 Ecommerce in 2022: 5 Digital Trends Set to Dominate The Year
As a digital industry, the landscape of ecommerce is constantly evolving.  This means new trends and best practices emerge frequently, and embracing them quickly is often key to staying ahead of your online competition.... Read More