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Laravel Password Reset via API using JWT for Authentication

Out of the box, Laravel provides a simple, tried and tested password reset method and some view templates to get you going. All you have to do is add styles….

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Passion in the Writer, Passion in the Reader: How Passion Contributes to Engaging Content

The fundamental ethos of digital content marketing is simple – write clear, authentic and engaging posts. A post that follows this golden triumvirate of content creation should keep your reader…

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The Battle of the eCommerce Platforms

Go down to your high street and you’ll see that there are many different shops, big chains and small independent stores. Each shop is different – one who sells soaps…

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Why us Digital Marketers Are Celebrating National Read a Book Day

Not to be confused for its older and arguably more popular sister ‘World Book Day’, the 6th of September marks National Read a Book day – a day when reading…

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Celebrating World Emoji Day: Using Emojis in your Digital Marketing Strategy

Developed in Japan in 1999 (yes, it really was that long ago – and yes, you really are that old), the emoji has since become so well-integrated – into not…

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Fries With That: 7 Tips for a Supersized Entry-Level Digital Marketing Application

The ever-changing landscape of digital marketing is a career target for graduates, ambitious young professionals and progressive senior traditional marketers alike. With opportunities to be the point of contact for…

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Link Prospecting:
The Whats, Hows & Whys

If you’re relatively experienced in marketing your business, you’ll probably be pretty familiar with the term ‘prospecting’ – as this is often the crucial first step in the process of…

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3 Key Takeaways from Generator’s
Social Media Event

Last week I attended Generator’s latest event – a social media day hosted at the Toffee Factory, an appropriately futuristic building in the Ouseburn Valley. Now, for anybody that knows…

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The Marriage of Ecommerce & UX

You get the to supermarket this weekend for your ‘weekly’ shop. The beans aren’t where they should be, the bottom shelf is too low and the top too high, the…

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