8 PPC Trends Set To Continue Into The New Year [2021]

8 PPC Trends Set To Continue Into The New Year [2021]

Looking ahead to 2021, today we’re exploring some of this year’s emerging PPC trends that look set to stick around into the new year. Covering 2020’s most popular processes and strategies, here we’re helping you to identify those timeless PPC trends that, when applied correctly, can work wonders in further enhancing your campaigns and increasing ROI.

Even with 2020 being such a peculiar year, never forget that you’ve always got your trusty numbers from your PPC campaigns to help with future implementations. With all marketing practices, you should never leave things to stand stagnant. Instead, constantly look to improve and implement new ideas, testing and analysing all changes as you go – and perhaps no area of marketing is this more applicable than PPC.

So with that in mind, here are 8 PPC trends that aren’t going anywhere anytime soon!

Getting to know your audience better

Understanding your audience and their buying process has never been more important. That’s why, in 2021, we expect marketers to keep asking themselves the following questions to help determine a PPC strategy that better targets those valuable customers:

  1. What is my audience searching for?
  2. Where does my audience interact?
  3. How long is the buying process?

This provides PPC campaigners with the chance to become better marketers by not relying too heavily on data and, instead, taking the chance to delve deep into target customers’ mindsets to better understand how they go about purchasing goods. This will enhance how you can manipulate your audience and should not only influence the quality of your ads, but other forms of marketing, too.

Automation overload

Whether we like it or not, most ad platforms are taking away control from PPC marketers. However, looking at the positives, automation is giving marketers more time to focus on strategies that help build brand awareness and brand affinity.

Elsewhere, it also enables marketers to analyse stats in a deeper, more meaningful manner. The extra time gained from not having to maintain every little detail of every campaign will result in marketers being able to better adjust those campaigns that aren’t working, seeing an improved return on investments as a result.

Diversifying your tools

As Google moves towards a more automated platform – using machine learning to provide users with the ‘best’ ad – it continues to be essential for marketers to become more diverse with their offerings, utilising search engines such as Microsoft and Bing.

If you haven’t already, 2021 is the time to test and analyse PPC through social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Although these platforms are notorious for being costly, they are great for targeting very specific audiences.

The power of first-party data

Due to changes in global privacy policies and restrictions on third-party cookies across browsers, search engines are changing how data is sourced.

Therefore, it is key in 2021 for those who are using cookie-based targeting technologies to steer away from this and, instead, implement a plan that uses first-party data. Using this data you can customise your campaigns to help meet wider needs and brand objectives.

Perfecting on-the-go customers

Despite this being part of many trends over the last 5+ years, it’s something that is simply not going away. Plus, you still see a lot of brands who turn a blind eye to the fastest-growing device used to browse the internet – mobile.

If your website isn’t utilised for a mobile, now is the time to stop everything and put this at the front of the queue. Not only will a badly optimised mobile website impact your quality of ads, but it will also negatively impact long-term sales.

The use of videos

With most PPC you target topics, keywords and demographics. However, you can also reach in-market customers with ads specifically targeted to them, utilising the second largest search engine – YouTube.

With adverts being shown before, during, and after consumers’ favourite YouTube videos, this provides a great opportunity to drive higher impressions and, in turn, higher engagement.

Creative ad messages

Content marketing has never been as valuable as has been this year, and nothing looks set to change in 2021. If you have the right consumer at the right time but with the wrong message, it will inevitably lead to a missed opportunity.

As previously stated, knowing your customers and their buying process is vital. With this in mind, ensuring you’re creative and engaging in your approach will be more important than ever in the new year.

Test, test, and test again

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s the importance of being prepared. Therefore, 2021 is the time to start getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. Never be afraid to test a new ad, fresh platform, or innovative reporting approach – the more you get wrong, the more you will get right in the future!

It’s becoming harder and harder to obtain a solid ROI from PPC without all the right know-how. Luckily, here at Land Digital, we know a thing or two about digital advertising! Why not get in touch today to see how we can help?