Tending Your Company Garden: 4 Tools for Cultivating Your Digital Performance

Plant seedlings sprouting up from the ground

By Tori, 3 months ago (4 min read)

For green-fingered souls across the globe and throughout history, gardening has always been a labour of love. Significant care and attention (not to mention a wealth of time) goes into nurturing seedlings into blossoming flowers – and in the face of changing seasons, maintaining a luxuriant garden all year round is a feat of passion and perseverance.

As a digital agency, online marketing is our own labour of love that demands the same care, attention and cultivation to bear fruit. While every business – and thus every digital marketing strategy – is unique, there are a handful of essential tools in the digital gardener’s toolbox that see regular monthly use, come rain or shine.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at these ongoing monthly activities in the hopes of illustrating the benefits of labouring over your online presence to help your evergreen digital performance flourish.

On-page optimisation

The fertile soil of any digital marketing project, strategic and ongoing on-page optimisation activity is essential to maximising any website’s chances of performing competitively in organic search for relevant, high-value keywords.

Although your primary static pages, such as your Home, About, FAQs and Testimonials pages, have the potential to perform organically for navigational and informational search queries, it’s your product or service category pages where you’ll find opportunities galore for growing and nurturing a semantically rich hub of sales-oriented content that’s also naturally laced with exact and partial-match keyword opportunities.

The seasoned digital gardener will commit monthly time and attention to honing metadata and on-page content across key product or service pages, continually tweaking these vital elements where needed in line with ever-changing SEO best practices and Google’s ever-raising bar.

Blog content

While your on-page optimisation provides a healthy foundation for your business’s digital presence, think of your blog content as the vibrant flora rising from this bed. Used by brands across the globe as the initial user magnet, your blog content is the eye-catching bait that drives traffic to your website via social media links or long-tail search, before these users are lovingly guided through the all-important conversion funnel.

With blog content playing such a crucial role in driving a steady stream of new, engaged users into this funnel, it deserves the ongoing TLC you’d commit to any other key marketing activity – although its top-of-funnel status makes its virtues all too easy to ignore.

As your industry evolves, debates gain momentum, regulations tighten, trends wax and wane, and consumer needs shift, make it your business to chronicle any and all developments in your sector and provide engaging, informative, entertaining blog content along the way. By forcing your way into these industry discussions, you can avoid ever being left out of the conversation.

Social media activity

In 2020, virtually no digital brand identity is complete without an active social media presence – and thanks to the brand exposure and give-and-take nature of the exchanges that happen on the world’s leading social media platforms, this activity provides the cross-pollination needed for your business to thrive.

With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and, more recently, TikTok making up the social media network big leagues, there are options galore when it comes to finding a relevant platform for making your brand voice heard. Each of these platforms boasts unique appeal and therefore a unique audience of users to recruit to your own customer base, and taking a patient and strategic approach to growing your brand’s social media footprint is the secret to sustainable success.

Starting out on social media isn’t an if-you-build-it-they-will-come thing. It’s a commitment to voicing opinions, engaging in dialogues, making authentic connections and generally offering value online – the kinds of value you offer in exchange for a lead or sale, sure, but also genuine pearls of wisdom, selfless acts of support, and collaborative idea-sharing. Only by truly devoting your time and attention to social media over a period of months and years can you reap its bounteous benefits.

Link building

All plants need water to survive. All websites need link juice to thrive. The volume and nature of links needed to rank competitively in organic search varies from one site to another, with countless sector-related variables at play. However, link equity is a known ranking factor in Google’s almighty algorithm and, as such, is a bona fide non-negotiable as part of any long-term SEO strategy.

As with on-page optimisation, link building is best approached as a strategic, ongoing exercise that’s about sculpting and strengthening your site – rather than a tap that you turn on and off again once every 3, 6 or 12 months when rankings slip.

The best links are, of course, earned, generally as a result of creating a piece of highly popular, engaging and shareable content – be it an exciting new press release, a valuable informational resource, a stimulating creative guide or a cutting-edge industry report. To make sure you’re always being talked about (and linked to), use content marketing to stay relevant, ahead of the curve and worthy of discussion.

We hope we’ve illustrated that nurturing your online presence should be a labour of love not unlike cultivating a beautiful garden. Our team of digital marketing fanatics treat every strategy like a passion project, committing the care and attention needed to help businesses blossom online.

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