Ensuring Your Ecommerce Site Survives (and Thrives!) in Today’s Competitive Market

By Yasmina, 11 months ago (3 min read)

Ah, Christmas – the time of the year when we welcome family members into our homes who we haven’t seen since last year’s argument, when Monday mornings at work are filled with prolonged hangovers from the work-do at the weekend, when a nation of pasty-lovers come together to celebrate the arrival of the Greggs festive bake and when the fight for the best Christmas TV advert sees us singing Elton John well into the New Year. What’s not to love, right?

Amongst all the festivities, of course, is the profound generosity we’re all hoodwinked into feeling in the run up to this expensive cheery period. As such, for online retailers and ecommerce sites, there’s no more important time to battle with the big brands and invest in your digital marketing strategy than right now. With statistics suggesting that 42% of the UK public chose to shop online for gifts in 2018, optimising your ecommerce platform to deliver an improved user experience and increase profit potential should be at the top of your priority list.

Invest in your content marketing

For those of you who pride yourself on being digital marketing savvy, we apologise for what you’re about to witness here… As a full-service digital agency ourselves, it’d be almost criminal not to conform to the cringe and stress the importance of your website’s content by using the phrase, ‘content is king’, because, well, it really is. Simply put, without relevant, high-quality, semantically optimised onsite content, your ecommerce website won’t reach its full profitability potential.

Not convinced? A quick look in your Google Analytics account will likely show you that a significant proportion (if not the majority) of your online traffic and revenue comes from organic search. This means that, unless your site’s content is well-optimised and engaging, you could be at risk of not being visible to potential customers during their buying journey – allowing your competitors to outrank you and, as such, outperform you when it comes to sales and profits.

So, when it comes to taking full advantage of this season’s profit promise, investing in your content marketing should be your first port of call. What’s more, the benefits of SEO and content marketing are long-lasting – making spending time and money on creating a foolproof SEO strategy for your online store a worthy investment for the long-term growth and success of your business.

Value the importance of user experience

As a general rule of thumb, if your ecommerce website isn’t optimised to provide the best user experience (UX) possible, customers will abandon your site and take with them your hopes and dreams of putting down a deposit on that outrageous gold Lamborghini you’ve always wanted to at least boast about owning (if not actually keep on your driveway).

Generally, if someone wants something enough, they’ll put up with a lot before throwing in the towel and jumping off your site. However, if there happens to be an instance where your competitor is selling a similar product on their super-speedy, aesthetically gorgeous-looking site, it’s not hard to guess who’ll be pocketing the pounds from the sale.

With this in mind, the impact of a streamlined and satisfying user experience on a website’s conversion rate shouldn’t be taken lightly, with 74% of businesses noting they’ve seen an increase in ecommerce sales after taking steps to improve the user experience offered on their website. What’s more, investing in the optimisation of your website according to best practice UX techniques could reduce wasted web development time by up to 50% – allowing you to spend the time and money saved on the more important things in life, such as the I-swear-this-isn’t-a-mid-life-crisis gold Lamborghini fund.

With 7 in 10 people reporting that they’ll be taking advantage of seasonal deals in the lead up to Christmas this year – and the North East coming out on top as the UK’ biggest Black Friday spenders – the time for ecommerce optimisation is, well, right about now. So, get in touch to talk a member of our friendly team of digital experts through your problems (website related only, please) – we’re sure we have a solution or two that’ll work for you.