Testimonials & Reviews: Why You Want Them & How to Get Them

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By Danny, 3 months ago (4 min read)

The instant accessibility of the internet has changed the way we shop for just about everything in the modern age – and with 95% of all purchases expected to be via ecommerce by the year 2040, this certainly isn’t going to change anytime soon. Because of this ever-growing popularity of online shopping, more and more ecommerce businesses are popping up every day, meaning brand competition and consumer choice is rife.

With this in mind, how do you stand out against your competitors in an increasingly saturated online market? The answer: online reviews! That’s why, today, we’re breaking down the pivotal role legitimate testimonials and reviews can play in the success of your business, as well as utilising our digital marketing expertise to show you how to obtain more online reviews from your customers. Aren’t we good to you?


Why are reviews important?

Following Google’s 2018 Medic update, the acronym EAT has been popping up here, there and everywhere across the SEO sphere. Standing for expertise, authority and trustworthiness, EAT refers to three fundamental pillars Google raters use to evaluate the rankability of your business’s website – and what better way to establish to the trustworthiness of your site than with customer reviews and testimonials?

By obtaining a string of positive reviews from consumers, you’re also establishing your brand as an authority within your sector. Combined with the trustworthiness established through genuine reviews of products and services, this authoritativeness is a green flag to Google regarding the legitimacy of your business – allowing this all-powerful search engine to comfortably class your website among other top performers in your online marketplace.


How many people trust a business more after reading positive online reviews?

When it comes to breaking down the stats, it becomes even more apparent why testimonials are important. According to this infographic from Invesp, a mammoth 72% of consumers say they trust a local business more if it has positive reviews. Pair this with the fact that 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business – reviews that 88% of consumers trust just as much as personal recommendations – and the benefits of online reviews as a marketing tool really speak for themselves.


How to get customers to leave reviews 

So, with reviews and testimonials playing such an important role in boosting the appeal of your brand with users and search engines alike, how do you encourage customers to leave you reviews? Worry not – we’ve got you covered…

Our first top tip is to ensure you’re not limiting your customers to one platform – different users will have different preferences, so, by expanding the options available to your customers, you’re also increasing the likelihood you’ll receive a review. Amongst the most effective platforms for driving glowing customer reviews are Google and Facebook, so it’s key that these are included in your review options.


How to get reviews on Facebook 

With 2.45 billion monthly active users, Facebook remains far and away the most popular social media platform. With every man and his dog regularly scrolling their newsfeed, encouraging customers to leave you a Facebook review can take you far in terms of increasing your brand exposure in two ways.

Firstly, a customer leaving you a review is likely to pop up on the news feeds of their Facebook friends, essentially acting as a free advertisement for your brand (assuming the review is positive, of course!).

Secondly, with Facebook displaying an average score out of 5 based on all of your page reviews, a glowing score is sure to encourage users to click through to your page – increasing the likelihood of you obtaining a lead or conversion as a result.

But how do you encourage customers to leave a review on your page? One approach, as simple as it sounds, is simply to ask! A pop-up box or call-to-action following a purchase is a popular approach to take when it comes to social reviews, as this minimises the amount of effort the user has to make themselves – simply ask the customer to leave a Facebook review and attach a social button that immediately directs them to your page. Quick, simple and effective.


How to get Google reviews 

With Google displaying your average star rating as part of your Google My Business listing at the top of a search results page, the importance of Google reviews really speaks for itself. However, with customers tending to use Google reviews less than alternatives such as Facebook, how do you go about generating Google reviews for your brand, products and services?

One effective means of encouraging customers to leave a Google review is to launch a strategic email workflow. The advantage here is that you can tailor your calls-to-action so they’re relevant to the customer experience, making them more inclined to participate as a result.

For example, upon the initial purchase, the confirmation email could include a call-to-action that reads, ‘How did you find our online ordering process? Let us know by leaving us a review here!’. Likewise, an email asking to review the delivery process upon the arrival of a product and, if needed, a final email asking how the customer is finding your product a couple of weeks after its arrival is likely to pay dividends.

Reviews and testimonials are key to ensuring an online brand presence that appeals to users and search engines alike. To find out how Land Digital can enhance your business’s online visibility, get in touch with our team of digital marketing experts today.