Cottages in Northumberland

They’d lost faith in SEO when they came to us


Our client was an aggregator site for cottages (think GoCompare for holiday homes). And they hadn’t had much luck with SEO agencies.

They’d received a Google penalty due to the work of a previous digital marketing agency. It was for link spam – essentially, the previous agencies had been posting links to the site onto random blogs and wikis. Google spotted their tactic and knocked them down the search rankings.

Recovering from this kind of penalty isn’t easy. And we had to do it while demonstrating long-term sustainability, and reassuring an organisation that, through no fault of their own, had had their fingers burned.

The Result: 399% growth in organic traffic over 3 years



We did it the hard way, a holistic approach using every element of their site, front end and back.

We delivered consistent, sustainable growth in organic web traffic over a three-year period:

61% growth in year one

42% growth in year two

127% growth in year three.

That’s a total of 399% growth over 3 years.


This growth in organic search gave our client the chance to develop their business in all kinds of ways:

  • The new traffic led to an increase in bookings of over 50%
  • They stopped spending on costly lead generation sites that destroyed their margins.
  • They didn’t need to rely on Pay Per Click. We cut spending on Google Adwords to less than 25% of peak levels (at the time of the Google penalty).

We’ve watched them grow extensively over this period: hiring new staff, moving to new premises, even taking on similar sites as part of the franchise.


This is why we don’t cut corners.

We never use methods like link spam to artificially increase traffic. Not because it’s bad form, or because it’s ethically dubious. We don’t do it because it doesn’t work.

None of our clients has ever received a penalty from Google while following our advice

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