Putting an end to auto diallers!


We have all had one, a call that when you answer there is no one there!  Luckily, our client OBWIN had the solution they just needed some assistance.

The client had an existing prototype working using MS Access and wanted to offer a SAAS based solution that would provide a self service platform enabling users to deliver outbound campaigns that are financially viable.


OBWIN is a SAAS based call centre solution that is completely self service and allows all sizes of organisations to launch outbound campaigns cost effectively.

Due to the amount of data being stored and the requirements on the use of this data within the application we decided to use MongoDB as our choice of database which would provide more features as the business matured.  The web application was built using React.js framework which is incredibly efficient and allowed us to take advantge of the Redux functionality within the app.

The application has an custom algorithm which once enough contacts have been updated will start to predict the likelihood of a telephone call being answered and providing the ability to close the campaign more efficiently and cost effectively.

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