Six Circles

The professional networking solution ‘in a box’


Six Circles is a platform which makes creating a professional community simple, it provides all of the features a business requires to create and foster a vibrant community.


The business had a working prototype which was built using WordPress however this had become slow and unfit for purpose for future business objectives.

After an initial scoping and discovery stage we identified the features and elements of the prototype that would form part of the new platform.  The client would have the ability to create new whitelabel instances and manage licences from a central management panel and allow customers to customise their website as required.

Only a couple of months after launch and their client list is growing steadily including and

The platform was built using the Laravel Framework and Angular.js for the front end, customers of Six Circles also have the option of a mobile app when signing up, for this part of the project we decided to use Ionic for a cross platform experience.

Tech Stack


Apache Solr





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