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They wanted twice the revenue in half the time, we took that challenge, and doubled it.


We love it when a client gives us a big audacious goal. This client, a tile supplier, didn’t mess around. They had an incumbent SEO agency and they wanted us to double the revenue growth they’d managed from organic search – a target of 40% increase.


Oh, and they wanted it in half the time.


We used three main approaches in our effort to achieve this:

  • We targeted page one rankings for the most commonly searched terms in the tile industry.
  • We radically improved the link profile of the website.
  • We helped them to earn coverage on outstanding websites that send referral traffic.


The Results

The client wanted a 40% increase in revenue from organic search visitors, twice what the previous agency had managed. We managed an 84% increase. 

That amounts to £12.15 revenue taken on the website for every £1 that they spent on SEO.

And it took less than a year.


So how did we do it? Magic beans? Monkey’s paw? Shrine to Google in the office?

Mostly, we used strong, sustainable SEO techniques. But there was one thing that worked in our favour with this client.


Google changed its algorithm.

You’ll have heard of the famous algorithm, and the shockwaves that go through the SEO community every time they tweak it. The truth is, they do it all the time. And when they do, we’re normally very, very happy.

We support ethical, sustainable SEO because the incredible smart people at Google are actively trying to reward us for it.

There are all kinds of knock on effects from a change in the algorithm. And one of those effects: some people sell more tiles.


*all data based on performance tracked in Google analytics March 2017 versus March 2016

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