Tilly and Blue

Focusing on the customer at all times!


Tilly and Blue were using a hosted ecommerce platform which allowed them to validate their product however they required more flexibility from their website and time spent on admin and processing orders was starting to stifle the business growth.


We spent a lot of time with the client, identifying where leakage points and as part of the project, the client engaged an independent company to carry out a review of the existing website.

Mapping out the customer journey and order processing system was key to this project and once this had been agreed we were able to start work on the design and development of the website. We used decided to use WooCommerce for this project, it provided the flexibility required for this project and exceeded the objectives for both the user and administration of the website.

Initial analysis shows the conversion rate has more than doubled since the new website went live and they are beating revenue targets every month.

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