A guaranteed good night out for all


We have all been there, new city, not sure where to go so you end up in a ‘below par’ establishment and no one can make a decision on where to go next (or wants to take the responsibility!)

Tipll is the mobile app for those in new surroundings, maybe a night out in a new city or a stag or hen do and based on your preferences will provide you with your personal guide around ensuring you get the best offers throughout your adventure!


The client required a minimum viable product (MVP) in order to test their assumptions quickly, we decided the use of React.native.js would be the most appropriate technology solution, this allowed us to deliver a mobile application to both IOS and Android using one codebase but with the experience a native app provides and within budgetary constraints.

The app makes use of a range of features including GPS, Geo Fences, Camera, Girometer in order to provide the end user with accurate information upon demand.

Tipll allows the user to enter their preferences and then provide them with information to plan their night out and invite their friends along the way (no one should get lost anymore!) and using Geo Fences users are notified of special offers relevant to them at that time and their location.

Tech Stack

API Development



React Native

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