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Jackson James

Brand Workshop | Brand Identity Creation

The challenge

Jackson James is a start-up athleisure clothing company with sustainability at its core. In a crowded market, their aim is to be strategically placed in both price and quality, offering a desirable, fashionable option for an ever-growing, environmentally conscious audience.

Our objective was to create a brand that separated Jackson James from the numerous clothing brands started every year, establishing a sense of exclusivity and interest from the off. With a quality product range and a distinctive USP, our primary challenge was to effectively represent this in the brand itself.

The process

Through our bespoke branding workshop, we worked closely with Jackson James to help them identify and define the core elements of which their brand should be built upon. This enabled us to refine the mission to create a cohesive brand driven by the fundamental vision and values of the business.

To do this, we collaborated with Jackson James on a number of branding exercises, undertaking a thorough discovery process to understand how best to represent the brand. Our conclusions served as the foundations upon which we could build an effective brand identity.

Our branding workshops enabled us to better align Jackson James’ products and objectives with strategic and cohesive branding. For example, we utilised a strong, simplistic and modern typeface that could be seamlessly translated across the brand, including the main logo. This typeface was intentionally minimalist and linear, achieved by removing crossbars within letters - a conscious decision to encapsulate the sustainable, ‘no waste’ values of the brand.

The refined colour pallet works to keep the brand understated and desirable without being too flashy. Elsewhere, we created a signature sub-brand to further encourage this sense of enticing individuality, promoting the Jackson James brand as a subtle yet instantly recognisable market leader that champions exclusivity and innovation to stay ahead of the curve.

This accumulated in the creation of detailed brand guidelines that helped Jackson James comprehend how to champion and implement the core elements of their brand identity moving forward.

The result

Jackson James’ new identity reflects a brand strategy that focuses on promoting exclusivity, quality, values and interest to their audience. The simplicity of the new branding not only leans on the current trends of minimalist simplicity fashion, but it also encapsulates the personality and core values of the brand in the process.

This refined brand identity also allows the brand to be more flexible, too – a crucial characteristic when applied across a range of product types. This all provides Jackson James with a useful branding platform that they can utilise to assert a more clear and concise market presence, and continue to build upon well into the future.

In Q4 2019, we approached the full-service digital agency Land Digital to help us create a brand which would complement the high quality, sustainable and ethical clothing products of our business. They guided us through a meticulous branding process which encapsulated our core values; this was achieved via a number of extensive and highly crucial workshops.

All expectations of working with Land Digital were exceeded, from the content creation, structuring and conduct of the workshops, to the market segmentation exercises, brand guidelines document and most importantly the brand created for Jackson James.

Tony Olanipekun - Jackson James

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