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No1 Packaging

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The challenge

No1 Packaging is a sub-brand of Kendon Packaging, offering a wide range of packaging supplies direct to customer.

The goal of this project was to develop an online platform that promoted No1 Packaging’s catalogue and had direct integration with their ERP system, Epicor. It was also key to ensure that the website was suitably marketed and designed for both B2B and B2C, with a low minimum order value and functionality designed to complement the other businesses within the Kendon Packaging umbrella.

The process

There are always challenges when integrating any form of ERP system, and this project was no different.

With a complex product setup and pricing model, the integration planning started at the very beginning of the project to ensure maximum success. We identified Magento 2 as the most appropriate solution to meet No1 Packaging’s short and long-term goals, as this provided us with a platform that was flexible and powerful enough to meet the demands of the business at all times.

This included a complex tailored product setup, integrating the ability for the admin to group products together to create a simpler and more streamlined shopping experience that benefited both customer and brand. This ensured an eCommerce platform where customers could shop in a way that was logical, user-friendly and, importantly, familiar to them.

We recognised that No1 Packaging operates within an incredibly competitive space, therefore requiring a shopping experience far superior to that of their competitors to effectively stand out from the crowd. So, we paired our eCommerce development with a digital marketing strategy that focused on driving the right customers to the right pages.

As such, we performed strategical onsite content optimisation and expansion with the view to improving the site’s SEO and overall user experience. This entailed creating best-in-space page content rich with authoritative value to both user and search engine, as well as conducting thorough keyword research to suitably optimise content for the most relevant and worthwhile search queries.

This was paired with targeted PPC and email campaigns to ensure No1 Packaging’s online visibility was readily aligning with the search intent of the customer, to the overall benefit of click-through and transaction rates.

The result

With a site strategically optimised for eCommerce functionality and a digital marketing plan refined to improve both organic visibility and customer retention, No1 Packaging has experienced significant online growth since the start of the project. Today, site traffic continues to indicate triple digital growth, with year-on-year traffic up by over 300%.

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