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In the ever-growing modest fashion industry, AbayaButh sought to dominate organic search as a provider of elegant, stylish and affordable modest clothing options – from abayas and hijabs to inner slip and midi dresses.

What we did

Having identified an almost complete absence of best-practice link building and on-page optimisation in this online marketplace, it appeared that the sites currently dominating this space had achieved their existing levels of performance simply as a result of not having formidable competition.

With this knowledge, we were able to put together an integrated digital marketing strategy primarily comprising best-practice inbound link building and best-in-space on-page optimisation – a pairing designed to help AbayaButh achieve competitive page 1 rankings for search queries surrounding their vibrant and varied product range.


Coupled with AbayaButh’s collection of desirable, high-quality products, our marriage of high-value link equity and strategic content optimisation created a recipe for competitive organic performance.

AbayaButh now holds coveted page 1 Google rankings for core search queries surrounding products such as abayas and modest dresses – meaning they’ve been able to outstrip established key players in this thriving sector and reach new, relevant customers each month through a steady stream of organic users with a clear intent to buy.