Free Flow Info

The triangle of success!

With ever-changing exam structures and pressure on teachers to improve student grades, the team behind Free Flow Info have spent 6 years researching the best methods for achieving this.

Their research showed that positive conversations about school between parent and child contributed to improved pupil achievement.

It’s this research that Free Flow Info asked us to utilise in order to develop the Free Flow Info platform.

What we did

The team required a system that would allow parents to view and engage with student progress throughout the academic year.

The concept had already been tested with a select number of schools, using a basic MVP, and we were provided with a comprehensive project brief based on the feedback that had been received.

We created a platform on which teachers and students could upload work, which parents could then review and interact with. This would, in turn, inspire conversations between parent and child.

The platform needed to be able to cope with large amounts of data as the students progressed through their academic lives. To achieve this, we utilised Amazon Web Services and their Glacier storage function to offer long-term storage without a huge server cost.

User interface was a key area of this project. With a variety of users who may or may not be tech-savvy, we made sure to keep things as simple and accessible as possible.

Tech Stack

  • Angular.js
  • MySQL
  • AWS
  • Laravel


The platform is now being used by a number of schools across the country to facilitate an ongoing feedback cycle between parents, teachers and students. 

In 2018, the platform was also referenced by the Department for Education in its Teacher Workload Reduction Toolkit.