Jackson James


Jackson James is a start up athleisure clothing company with sustainability at their core. In a crowded market, their aim is to be strategically placed in both price and quality, offering a desirable, fashionable option for an ever-growing, environmentally conscious audience.


Our brief was to create a brand that separated Jackson James from the numerous clothing brands started every year, establishing a sense of exclusivity and interest from the off.  With a quality product range and a distinctive USP, our primary challenge was to effectively represent this in the brand itself. 

We collaborated closely with Jackson James through a range of bespoke workshops to delve deeper into their brand and create a cohesive mission, driven by the fundamental vision and values of the business.


Jackson James’ new identity reflects a brand strategy that focuses on promoting exclusivity, quality and interest to their audience. The simplicity of the new brand not only leans on the current trends of minimalist simplicity fashion, but it also allows the brand to be flexible – a crucial characteristic when applied across a range of clothing types that enables the possibility for future expansion as a result. 

The core focuses of the brand strategy are visualised through using the ‘The Bar’ graphic, which was designed to create a sense of exclusivity and desirability around the brand by mirroring the typography used in the main logo to the exact dimensions. This allows for the correlation between the two to be made subconsciously, promoting the Jackson James brand as a subtle yet instantly recognisable clothing manufacturer at a glance. This strategy is amplified by a distinct tone of voice that speaks from the inside out, clearly expressing the company’s core beliefs and goals to position Jackson James as an innovative market leader that champions exclusivity. 

We utilised a strong, simplistic and modern typeface that could be seamlessly translated across the brand, including the main logo. The refined colour pallet works to keep the brand understated and desirable without being too flash, with the signature sub-brand being used in moderation to further encourage this sense of enticing individuality. The depth of variation in this branding allows the company to stay ahead of the curve.