A new generation of scientific anti-ageing supplement

Nuchido are experts in the science of ageing and have created a supplement that aims to extend our healthspan (the length of time you’re considered healthy) so that we can live the majority of our lives in good health.

What we did

The Nuchido team required an ecommerce platform that would allow them to promote and eventually sell their product to audiences in the US and Europe. Customers would be able to purchase the supplement as a one-off or a subscription product.

We determined that Shopify would be the most cost-effective platform in terms of both maintenance costs and ease of use for the client, allowing them to make changes to their site as they when the project was completed.

The design of the site needed to focus around the story of Nuchido and educating customers on the benefits of their product. As a result, the site had less of an ecommerce feel on the homepage.


Nuchido ran an initial launch for VIP customers with great success, followed by an equally successful public launch.