Six Circles

The professional networking solution ‘in a box’

Six Circles is a platform which makes building a professional community simple by providing all of the tools a business needs to foster engagement. 

After running with a working prototype built on WordPress, Six Circles came to us looking to use the insights gained on a new platform that would allow them to achieve future business objectives.

What we did

After an initial scoping and discovery stage, we identified the features and elements of the prototype that would form part of the new platform. The client would have the ability to create new whitelabel instances and manage licences from a central management panel.

Customers would also need to be able to customise their community platform as needed to suit the specific needs of their members. 

The platform was built using the Laravel Framework and Angular.js. Customers of Six Circles also have the option of a mobile app when signing up, which was built using Ionic for a cross-platform experience.

Tech Stack

  • Angular.js
  • Laravel
  • Apache Solr
  • MongoDB
  • Iconic
  • MySQL


The new platform now has a steadily growing client list, including The Mussel Club and EOHub. We’ve also continued to work alongside Six Circles, utilising customer feedback to reiterate existing features and implement new ones.