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Active Garden

Ecommerce Development


The challenge

Selling a range of children’s outdoor play equipment, Active Garden’s existing ecommerce site was built on Magento. But this platform was coming to the end of its life cycle, meaning there’d no longer be sufficient ongoing support. Not only did this restrict Active Garden’s online functionality, but it also increased the site’s level of cybersecurity risk.

Something had to be done, so they got in touch.

Our task was to identify the best course of action for the Active Garden site: should the site be moved onto Magento 2 or replatformed entirely?


The process

Thanks to our extensive ecommerce development experience and expertise, we knew that Magento 2 offered enterprise-level functionality - far more than Active Garden required.

So, the decision was made to replatform the site and move the business over to WordPress with WooCommerce - two platforms we know like the back of our hands! This cheaper and more flexible option gave Active Garden all the tools the business needed to flourish online while also providing us with an opportunity to refresh and modernise the site build.

Consulting our in-house design expert, we assessed how best to represent the Active Garden brand by striking the perfect balance between appealing to the target audience of the products (children) and the brand (the purchasing adults).

This was paired with a revitalised user journey and improved product categorisation to optimise the site for Active Garden’s two core audience types: residential and commercial.

We also focused our expertise on the site’s functionality, importing complex product variables with Google Merchant Centre to support Google Shopping and Performance Max campaign performance. This was integrated alongside an elaborate delivery pricing table that calculates varying delivery costs based on the product and postcode.

Oh, and all of this was functionally compatible with complex dropshipping notifications that were flexible enough to ensure the cohesive delivery of products split into various parts and sourced from various locations.


The result

Active Garden now boasts a sleek and stylish WordPress ecommerce site that satisfies all of the brand’s aesthetic and functional needs. The streamlined design better reflects Active Garden’s branding, while the revised layout delivers a better-optimised user journey that effortlessly funnels users towards conversion.

All the while, our decision to replatform the site has futurepoofed the brand’s digital presence with a modern site build that not only enables hassle-free scaling and growth, but is also more cost-effective to maintain in the long term.


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