Brewing up a valuable new revenue stream through untapped eccomerce potential

Soho Coffee

Ecommerce Development


The challenge

Soho Coffee’s existing website acted as a digital brochure, detailing basic menu information and advertising their various coffee shops around the world. However, amidst a global pandemic, Soho Coffee faced the challenge of adapting its business model to remain profitable despite lockdowns resulting in close of its physical stores.

So they got in touch.

Our task was to assist in managing, maintaining and expanding upon their legacy site to introduce ecommerce functionality that would help the brand thrive online during a difficult period.

Striving to find a simple, effective and efficient solution that supported subscription signups and enabled customers to make purchases online, we got to work.


The process

Soho Coffee had a fully functioning WordPress site to begin with, so, rather than embarking on a costly and laborious rebuild from scratch, we instead opted to integrate WooCommerce with the existing website to ensure the brand was back in business as soon as possible.

To accommodate the brand’s evolving business model, we analysed competitors’ subscription flows and utilised plugins to create our own custom flow. This was paired with dynamic ecommerce integration that worked alongside third-party fulfilment and logistics to ensure a seamless online shopping experience for all customers.

To further enhance this customer experience, we also supported the site in abiding by all the new rules and regulations of Soho Coffee’s industry - including the integration of nutritional values onto relevant product pages.


The result

Soho Coffee now boasts a streamlined website adapted to reflect its flexible business model. Easy to use and primed to convert, this expanded and optimised website provided Soho Coffee with a welcome extra revenue stream at a time they needed it most - and it continues to help the brand flourish not only in stores but online, too.


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