Making the grade in organic search, in an industry dominated by household names

School Uniform Shop

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The challenge

The school uniform industry is dominated by household names, from leading retailers to supermarket giants.

Our challenge was to ensure the School Uniform Shop site was suitably search optimised to go head-to-head with these ever-present brands in organic search results. By improving the site’s organic visibility, could we increase traffic and conversions, and overcome consumer leanings towards more familiar brands?

The process

To be the best, you have to beat the best. The core focus of our strategy was to create metadata and on-page content that not only matched that of the UK’s biggest brands but surpassed it. Ensuring every piece of onsite content we created was naturally optimised for high-value keywords, we sought to create comprehensive category page content that demonstrated the brand’s authority in this competitive market.

Put simply, we worked to outclass sizable competitors on the content front.

The benefits of being a household name include a naturally strong link profile. That’s why we paired our onsite optimisation with a targeted link building strategy, embarking on a mission to secure a stream of high-value backlinks. We achieved this through the creation of high-quality custom content written for reputable online publications with strong top-level link metrics.

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The result

School Uniform Shop is a well-established and highly competitive brand within its online marketplace.

Over the course of 8 months, the site has so far experienced a dramatic uplift of 81% in its total number of ranking keywords. More importantly, our blend of onsite optimisation and link building activity has helped to drive a 72% increase in the number of page 1 keyword rankings held by the site - with many of these being for highly-valuable product-related and branded terms.

Together, the pieces of this puzzle amounted to significant growth for the School Uniform Shop brand. The site now consistently experiences a significant uplift in organic traffic when compared to that of the previous year, often exceeding as much as 300% - a testament to the relative strength of its on-page optimisation and link profile.

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