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The sky isn’t the limit when it comes to social media. Let Land Digital take you above and beyond


Building a loyal following on social media can be surprisingly difficult, which is why our social campaigns are designed to draw your audience in with genuinely valuable content. We embody your brand voice within all of our social communications, enticing customers to interact with your profiles and boosting likes, follows and shares - so that your social footprint grows bigger by the day.


Social media is all about conversations and, at Land, we love leading them. From retweet-worthy Twitter posts to Facebook polls, our social media strategies are formulated to engage with users and encourage interaction. We’re also realistic - we understand that not everything put onto social media is positive. With our lightning-fast reactive activity, we can help you stay one step ahead with superior damage control.


For businesses hungry for a slice of the social advertising pie, Facebook is brimming with potential. With more than one billion people active on this platform, there are plenty of opportunities for brands to get in on the advertising action and promote their goods and services. That’s where we come in. Our data-driven Facebook advertising services are expertly crafted and tested, so that you receive the highest return on investment (ROI) possible.

Benefits of great social media marketing

Our strategies are completely bespoke and tailored to suit your end goals - which means our social media experts will craft campaigns with your objectives firmly in mind. Whether that’s more website referrals or a benchmark number of followers, we’ll take your needs and convert them into brilliant social media campaigns - providing you with straightforward metrics and data so that you can measure success for yourself.

Our cracking team of Facebook aficionados will be crystal-clear at every stage, so that you never feel out of the loop when it comes to metrics or results. A collaborative approach to client work sets us apart from other social media advertising agencies and ensures we work together to achieve the best results.

Here’s what we do to deliver a winning social media advertising campaign:

  • Hone in on your target audience, testing different data-informed segments and sources so that we can identify which will be most effective
  • Compose compelling ad copy to entice readers to click through
  • Analyse the campaign success and refine our method, which means our clients benefit from a higher ROI with every round

When it comes to social media, businesses can often find themselves lost in a flurry of hashtags, live videos and emojis - but, at Land Digital, we ride the social wave with ease. Whether we’re building a buzz with a brand-centric, cross-channel competition or launching a product-focused Facebook advertising campaign, our social media services are designed to make a splash in this complex online world of streaming, sharing and trending.

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