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The challenge

Tyne Tunnel 2 is a well-known landmark throughout the North East, offering a tunnelled connection from North Tyneside to South Tyneside.

The business has ambitious goals for the next 10 years, which required us to conduct a review of their current technology infrastructure, implementing the necessary development to ensure that they were in the best possible position for the next phase of their business objectives.

The process

Our initial review of Tyne Tunnel 2’s technology stack enabled us to create a roadmap that would meet their short-term goals. We adopted a legacy system and needed to carry out a complete code review to identify any areas of the existing platform that needed to be improved, modernising the outdated codebase we inherited in line with best practice.

One of the first changes we made to existing infrastructure was the inclusion of continuous deployments, meaning downtime was no longer an issue. This provided us with a robust deployment strategy at all times.

From here, we were able to develop short-term features such as Direct Debit, post-journey payment and lost ticket recovery integration, including refining the platform to work well with Sage Pay. We also evaluated the quality of user-experience on the site, redefining customer journeys through adopting a cautious, thought-driven approach to creating a more logical, seamless user journey.

We were also able to utilise the findings in our initial review to integrate a wide range of new services to the platform, modernising Tyne Tunnel 2’s technical capabilities through contemporary payment gateways, interactive voice response (IVR) and DVLA image recognition software (for licence plates).

Our roadmap also enabled us to plan ahead, ensuring we took the necessary steps to help the business achieve longer-term objectives. With this in mind, we are now working on a new enterprise management solution for the business, focused on providing a seamless user experience to organisation clients who manage multiple vehicles across different locations and cost centres.

The results

The standard application process for a new account on the Tyne Tunnel 2 website took up to five days to process due to some of the manual interventions required. Thanks to our strategical software development, this process now takes less than five minutes, addressing one of the key pain points of customers.

With a platform revitalised for a smooth user experience, our development saw Tyne Tunnel 2 improve their general customer feedback and net promoter score (NPS), as well as having a clear roadmap in place for the exciting next phase of existing developments.

The story is not yet over - expect to see some big changes over the next 12 months as we introduce the next generation of Tyne Tunnel 2.

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