Understanding PPC

Done right, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising through platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads can provide a structured, cost-effective stream of traffic that actually converts. Reaching new customers online can take time, with SEO strategies being more of a long-term investment than a quick win – and this is where PPC can offer a rewarding supplement to your other digital marketing activity.

Designed to minimise wastage and maximise ROI, PPC management services allow you to quickly and cost-effectively get your brand, products or services and any special offers in front of your target audience.

Pay-per-click advertising is considered by many to be among the most powerful, immediate and targeted marketing tools available – and with benefits like that, it’s no wonder you’re on the hunt for a skilled PPC company to take the reins. No two businesses are quite the same, making a tailored pay-per-click strategy absolutely vital – especially as the needs, interests and behaviours of online users are constantly evolving.

Paid ad campaigns require a long-term commitment to refinement – but if you’re looking for a few of the secrets to successful PPC strategy and measurement, the truth is there are a few golden rules to follow:

  • Create bespoke campaigns built around your business. There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all in digital marketing, which is why PPC advertising strategies should always be customised to the sector, business and product or service in question
  • Make use of multi-platform strategies (from Google AdWords to Facebook Business Manager) that capitalise on the unique advantages of each channel and get your brand noticed everywhere it matters
  • Perform rigorous testing across ad copy, user journeys and landing pages to identify winning campaigns supported by hard data
  • Keep up with daily PPC management, ensuring your campaign is always delivering a worthwhile return on investment and your pay-per-click budget is being used strategically at every turn

PPC campaigns are a fine art and indeed an exact science, subject to ongoing testing, tweaks and measurement – and if you’re daunted by the prospect of ad copy, click-through rates and the range of available platforms, rest assured an experienced digital agency can take care of the heavy lifting.

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