Taking on the jeans giants to sew up page 1 ranking performance

Buy Jeans

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The challenge

In an industry dominated by fast-fashion giants and big-name high-street retailers, our challenge was to help fashion ecommerce brand
Buy Jeans
in its quest to take on these major industry players in SERPs and win.

As an online retailer stocking jeans from leading major brands such as Levi’s and Diesel, we looked to compete head-on with these big-name brands to achieve widespread page 1 ranking performance - and enjoy the substantial organic traffic share that comes with it.

The process

Having identified the strength of leading competitors’ link profiles, we launched a targeted link building strategy. We aimed to secure a steady stream of high-quality backlinks through the creation of high-value custom content for relevant, reputable online publications.

More important than that, though, was the content. And in a sector as saturated as the men’s fashion space, it couldn’t just be content - it needed to be best-in-space content. We conducted thorough keyword research to pinpoint relevant search opportunities in the form of transactional branded and product-related keywords with significant monthly search interest.

With our keyword strategy nailed down, we created informative, semantically optimised and user-friendly page content - along with metadata that was strategically optimised in line with SEO best practices.

The result

Our integrated digital marketing strategy had all the key ingredients needed to take on the jeans giants.

Paired with the success of our targeted link building strategy, our onsite optimisation work saw keyword rankings dramatically improve, with significant increases for big-ticket product and branded search terms, an 88% uplift in the number of page 1 rankings obtained, and a 77% rise in the total number of ranking keywords.

As such, organic traffic and revenue consistently outperformed that of the previous year, with a 50% uplift in organic traffic across the course of the project demonstrating a significant improvement in organic performance. With quality content and link equity on its side, Buy Jeans has been able to go toe-to-toe with industry leaders, securing its fair share of the colossal search opportunity open to men’s jeans suppliers.

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