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The challenge

Henryka is a boutique jewellery brand operating solely online, but with their products also being sold by select in-store stockists. The unique selling point of their jewellery range is the use of natural gemstones, including Baltic amber, amethyst, coral, rose quartz, turquoise and more. With each piece crafted by hand, they strive to capture the essence of the natural world with unique designs and hand-picked gemstones with their jewellery collections.

With multiple team members accredited in Google advertising and a solid understanding of digital marketing techniques, they asked us to help them to leverage the Google Ads platform to showcase Henryka’s diverse range of handmade jewellery products and convert users actively searching for products like those sold by Henryka.

With their existing site housed on Magento 1, they faced a number of technical challenges that had hampered their efforts to grow their online business efficiently and effectively. Recognising our ecommerce development expertise, they asked us to migrate their existing site to a more suitable ecommerce platform that not only provided better technical functionality to customers and at the backend, but also allowed them to expand their operations with a wholesaler portal.

The process

Starting with in-depth research into their current online activity, product collections and their existing ecommerce platform, we gained a detailed understanding of how their business operated and what their business goals and objectives for the project were. This allowed us to craft a multi-faceted online marketing and ecommerce development strategy to help them achieve them.

From a digital marketing perspective, we set about utilising pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, exclusively on Google Ads. This activity incorporated Google search advertising, in which we created structured campaigns focused on key product categories, targeted highly relevant product-related keywords and wrote best-in-space ad copy and on-page copy for maximum relevance from the ad to the page. In addition we used Google Shopping activity to identify key product demands, allowing us to further enhance the text ads for Henryka as we could budget each campaign based on demand for each product.
Drawing on our team’s experience with content marketing, data analysis and Google advertising, we focused on crafting relevant, persuasive, high-quality ad text designed to drive traffic primed to convert into sales. For optimal results, this involved continuous monitoring, measuring and refining performance throughout the activity.

The ecommerce development process began by identifying a suitable ecommerce platform on Shopify that met all their technical requirements, while also minimising maintenance costs.

Due to the complexity of successful platform migrations and required URL structure changes, we put a huge emphasis on the planning stages to ensure all deliverables were achievable. Breaking down the migration into 2 overarching categories - data and SEO - we identified which elements were critical to the business to ensure all essential data was transferred over to the new platform to account for the new URL structure, metadata and inevitable changes to the checkflow.

In addition to the site migration project, our skilled ecommerce developers began building a custom wholesale portal hosted on a separate Shopify platform. Specifically geared towards wholesale buyers, this would provide a secure portal for wholesalers to access to bulk buy Henryka products, as well as offer their business development manager an effective sales tool to grow this side of the business more effectively.

The result

The business has gone through sustained triple digit revenue growth since they have moved to a new platform and refined their marketing strategy.

The key to the success of each element of this project has been in the meticulous planning and execution throughout, ensuring that every detail is accounted for to optimise Henryka’s return on investment.

Pay-per-click advertising through Google delivered successful results from both engagement and revenue with a 75% uplift on clicks, 90% rise in the number of sessions and a 27% conversion rate, which translated into a 109% revenue increase in 2020 when compared to the previous year.

Through constant performance monitoring and refinements to our bidding strategies, keyword and audience targeting, and ad text, we were able to fine-tune key metrics such as click-through rate and cost per click to drive highly relevant traffic to the Henryka site in a cost-effective way. The keys to our success were continuous testing, close collaboration with the client on key product ranges and razor sharp keyword targeting.

The new ecommerce site has been successfully migrated from Magento 1 to Shopify, providing a more user-friendly backend interface that allows the client to manage product inventory and essential site maintenance more effectively.

The new site also puts a greater emphasis on the user experience, offering a streamlined customer journey that makes browsing and purchasing jewellery more accessible, particularly for paid traffic referrals.

With a secure wholesale portal that’s separate from the B2C commerce, Henryka is now fully-equipped to implement a focused wholesale client strategy to grow this area of their business. The portal not only provides a secure procurement space for pre-approved account holders, but also offers a valuable sales tool for marketing this area of their business.

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