Our red-hot digital marketing strategy introduced the world to Playa Blanca

Optima Villas

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The challenge

Optima Villas is a luxury villa management company based in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote, specialising in private self-catering villa accommodation in Playa Blanca and, increasingly, Lanzarote as a whole.

The travel market is dominated by popular third-party accommodation and rental platforms. Optima Villas identified that this meant obtaining competitive organic visibility in the Lanzarote accommodation space was key - so we got to work.

The process

We constructed a targeted digital marketing approach with a distinctive focus on improving organic visibility surrounding relevant villa-related search queries. Implementing a thorough SEO strategy, we embarked on creating new and revitalising existing page content and metadata. Ensuring our content was best in space, we placed a distinct focus on writing informative, user-friendly on-page content and crafting highly optimised metadata designed to help the right pages rank for the right keywords and incentivise searchers to click through.

This calculated SEO activity was supplemented by a link building campaign that secured valuable backlinks from sites relevant to Optima Villas’s location and sector to further strengthen any pages that were the focus of our on-page optimisation activity. This was also accompanied by periodic technical SEO reviews, as well as a content marketing approach in the form of topical and informational blog content creation.

The result

Our strategic SEO activity quickly reaped rewards, driving a 274% increase in the total number of UK rankings and a 269% increase in the total number of page 1 UK rankings within just one year - increases that drove organic traffic to outperform that of the previous year by 59%.

Across the course of the project, Optima Villas experienced an uplift of 406% in the total number of UK rankings and a 382% increase in the total number of page 1 UK rankings. This significant improvement in Optima Villa’s organic visibility saw organic traffic increase by 106%, helping drive the growth Optima Villas hoped to achieve and ensuring they were able to compete toe-to-toe with bigger name competitors.

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