Work Where It Works

An Introduction to Our Working Policy

In short? It’s simply considering: “where should I locate myself today to deliver the work expected of me to the highest standard possible?”.

Where does ‘it work’?

The ‘work where it works’ framework is easy to follow:

Does it work for you?

Where do you work most efficiently and productively? Do you have access to the appropriate tools and information you’ll need to complete the task to the highest possible standard?

Does it work for Land Digital?

Does your choice impact your colleagues? Does your task require collaboration with others and will this be conducted most effectively from your chosen workspace?

Does it work for our clients?

Maximising value for our clients is key in everything we do. To do this, ask yourself how you’ll optimise not just your own output, but the wider team’s output on any given project, ensuring our clients are also reaping the utmost rewards.

‘Work where it works’ is all about finding the optimal outcome for everyone involved. Our balanced approach is built on the understanding that no choice is static; what works one day may not work the next.

After all, finding your best solution, big or small, is what we do best.

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